This video is about a creamy white paste dish called Spaghetti cheese béchamel sauce. It has a very rich taste and flavour to it. This dish is very good for the kids as it has a lot of milk protein in it. Also because it’s very mild dish with very less spice. This sauce is prepared with butter, flour, milk and cheese and finally, seasoned with salt and pepper. We have used spaghetti pasta, but you can use according to your taste.

Below is the link for some of the items we use in our videos…


Spaghetti – 250 g
Butter – 40 g
Plain Flour – 40 g
Milk – 400 ml
Salt – to taste
Pepper – to taste
Carrot – 1 no’s
Yellow capsicum – 1/2 no’s
Mushroom – 4 no’s
Garlic – 1 clove
Olive oil – 20 ml
Nutmeg powder – a pinch
Mozzarella cheese – 60 to 70 gm
Cream (optional) – 25 ml

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