This video is about all time favourite household snacks called Murukku. In Chettinad region it is called as Thenkuzhal. There are so many variations in making this recipe using raw rice, Idli rice, urad flour, roasted channa gram flour, flavoured with cumin seeds, white/black sesame seeds and hing. Texture of this Murukku using different nozzle like plain, mullu, prandai Murukku and also can be made by hand (Kai murukku). Our recipe is so simple and delicious as well as crunchy. It can be stored for weeks in room temperature.

Below is the link for some of the items we use in our videos…

Ingredients For Murukku

Idli rice – 2 cups
Urad Dhal – 1/2 cups
Cumin seeds – 1 Tsp
Hing – 1/4 Tsp
Butter – 1/2 Tsp
Salt – To Taste
Oil – For Frying

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